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Please complete and return this form “User Agreement” in order to become an active and approved user (“User”) of Capitol CMG Publishing’s Online Licensing System (the “OLS”). Each item listed below is required.


Capitol CMG Publishing’s Online Licensing System User Agreement

Whereas Capitol CMG Publishing has provided a self-service online licensing system at from which an authorized User can obtain their own licenses pursuant to standard terms and conditions for such licenses; and, whereas a User can attach select Capitol CMG Publishing owned or controlled songs to such licenses and receive such licenses immediately, at which time such licenses will be considered fully executed by, and binding upon, both parties.

Upon Capitol CMG Publishing’s review and approval of this User Agreement, a User account will be activated for you in the Licensing section at (“Your User Account”). Your User Account will be exclusive to you and will be accessible solely under Your User Account ID (your email address) and Your User Account password as chosen by you. You will have the option to change your password at any time. However, you cannot change your email address without setting up a new User Account. For the purposes of clarification, Your User Account is designed solely for use by one person on behalf of your respective organization(s) and is assigned according to your current email address. You are solely responsible for the use of Your User Account and any licenses derived from the OLS with respect to Your User Account. You are solely responsible to secure and maintain your username and password and to keep your personal and business information current under Your User Account.

You hereby warrant and represent that you have the authority to enter into binding agreements and licenses on behalf of the Licensees and/or Parent companies set forth in Your User Account. By signing this document, you hereby confirm your agreement to and acceptance of all terms and conditions set forth in licenses obtained under Your User Account (i.e. when you click on the “Accept License” button in the OLS). Please contact Capitol CMG Publishing’s Licensing Administrator with respect to any OLS licenses accepted under Your User Account that require amendment or deletion.

You and Capitol CMG Publishing understand, acknowledge and agree that all licenses and communications that Capitol CMG Publishing provides to you electronically shall by mutual agreement satisfy any legal requirement that such licenses or communications be in writing, and that such licenses and communications are of the same legal effect as though they had been approved in non-electronic, hard copy form. Further, to the extent permitted by Capitol CMG Publishing with respect to the OLS, you agree that you may accept and enter into binding agreements, including licenses, by electronic means without the requirement of a signature.

With respect to privacy, Your User Account information shall be governed by our Privacy Policy which is located at

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By signing below, I represent that I have read, agree to and accept all terms herein.

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Please fax a copy and mail the original of this completed form to Capitol CMG Publishing’s Licensing Administrator at:
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