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Social Club Misfits

It takes courage to be a misfit – just ask South Florida rappers Fern and Marty. From prisonsentences to church expulsions, there’s nothing these two haven’t gone through or risen above. With God as the cornerstone of their story, this unstoppable duo brings their experiences to life through their own breed of faith-based hip-hop.

To understand Social Club Misfits is to know the story of Fern and Marty. Though they’vetriumphed through five headlining tours, five albums, and three EPs, they haven’t alwayshad it easy. Fern, a pastor’s son, endured a three-year prison sentence for drug trafficking before forming a real connection with God. Marty, who was saved at 18, was fired from his church as a result of being a whistleblower. A chance encounter at a local radio station would bring the artists together and cement the beginning of Social Club Misfits.

From the get-go, Fern and Marty enticed crowds with candid conversations about God, butit wasn’t until Misfits 2 that they saw commercial success. The 2014 album tackled everything from trap-heavy bangers to fist-raising anthems, attesting to their unparalleled creative chemistry and not to mention, flexible flow. Fern and Marty explored the key theme of, well, being a misfit — or, as they put it, “one who’s uncomfortable with his or hersurroundings.” The guys got real on love, family, and faith, but never let things get too serious. Life, in their eyes, is complex – “sorta like a Coogie sweater.” As it turns out,infusing their rhymes with depth and humor paid off; Misfits 2 landed at No. 59 onBillboard’s Hot 200 chart.