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Austin Davis

Born and raised in Maui, HI, Austin began his journey in professional music as a touring drummer at the young age of 17.

In 2017, Austin decided to embrace a new chapter in his career, transitioning from touring to becoming a prolific songwriter and producer.

He received his first songwriting credit as a collaborator of Kari Jobe’s single “I Am Not Alone” off of her 2014 album, “Majestic”. Since then Austin has continued to be a staple collaborator with Kari and her husband Cody Carnes as a producer and writer. Some of his writing credits include songs such as “First Love”, “Heaven Invade”, and Cody’s recent church anthem “Firm Foundation (He Won’t)”, which was also performed by Maverick City and Chandler Moore. Along with the previous mentions, he is heavily credited as being apart of The Belonging Co.’s albums writing and producing song’s like “The Dove” and “Everything Is Changing” to name a few, and his most recent release with Passion, “I’ve Witnessed It”, was released as a single and the album title from their conference in 2023.