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Jonathan Gamble

Born and raised in a small town in Alabama, Jonathan moved to Nashville in 2019 as a writer and producer. At 14 years old, he began writing and studying great songs and the detailed similarities in what made them stand out. From mentorships and conversations with other writers, Jonathan quickly found his skill at structuring lyrics and shaping melody in a way that utilized the patterns and rules of songwriting until they needed to be broken.

As both a topliner and producer, Jonathan is as versatile in his skill set as he is in the genres he writes garnering him cuts from Worship and CCM to Country, EDM, and Pop. He is quickly becoming a sought after collaborator in the Nashville community with both established and up and coming artists and writers. His recent cuts include “Everything That Has Breath (Praise)” (Jesus Culture), “Camel Blues” (Lauren Watkins), “Live Up To Your Name” (Danny Gokey), “Born For This” (Social Club Misfits), and “When We Get There” (Tauren Wells).