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TEMITOPE (Teh-ME-toh-PEH) is a singer/songwriter and activist based out of Nashville, TN. His name “Temitope” means “mine is thanks” and originates from the Yorùbá tribe in Nigeria, where his dad grew up. Through his Nigerian dad and British mom who both immigrated to the United States, TEMITOPE experienced the beauty of diversity within his multicultural household. He has a heart for unity through diversity and believes it is accomplished by standing together with our differences, instead of standing against each other because of our differences. This passion has fueled much of TEMITOPE’s songwriting and has created opportunities to share his music at events such as Worship Together Conferences, Hope Events with Prison Fellowship and Civil Righteousness Rallies. TEMITOPE has also been featured in written and online publications, shared his story on various podcasts, invited to participate diversity initiatives and developed original educational resources through THE LUMPY COUCH that facilitate uncomfortable conversations about unity.

Over the last few years, TEMITOPE has independently released a steady flow of music including collaborations with artists like Mountaintops, LifePoint Music and Travis Ryan. His top performing song, GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS, began gaining radio airplay in February 2022 and continues to gain momentum through streaming. As of December 2022, TEMITOPE has partnered with Capitol Christian Music Group on future music releases.

When he’s not building this movement on the road, TEMITOPE, his wife, Jordan, and their kids enjoy intentional time together and with others. You wouldn’t be surprised to see diverse faces around their dinner table. As TEMITOPE says, their home is “full of life.”